Oct 022019

  • Act as Local Anchor for E related deployments (eg, SSIB, SPOT, etc)
  • Translate e-channel features into value for our customers and to foster knowledge about our e-based products.
  • Assist Customer service in onboarding new- and existing customers to process and ecom
  • Improve internal efficiency by increasing the End-to-End e-channel usage by customers
  • In coordination with CS Managers, Organize and deploy E-COM strategy in the area for Ocean
  • Coordinate with the relevant stakeholders for the execution of any e-com initiatives, workshop, seminars for ocean
  • Own the pipeline visibility across E-COM product (SPOT, Customer onboarding, Web, App, EDI, etc)
  • Flag and drive actions on E-COM outliers and ensure actions are taken by respective CS teams.
  • Support CS teams with training and capability building across our E-COM offering.
    Proactively keeping informed relevant CEN stakeholders with requirements and feedback around our E-Solutions.
  • Build up knowledge internally (training to CS agents)
  • Gather and share good practices from other locations
  • Ad hoc assignments related to the role

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-10-01
Job Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Job Role: Customer Service and Call Center
Company Industry: Shipping

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Nationality: Pakistan

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Tipical Questions
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Questions to ask
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