Aug 132019

Organization: Voluntary Service Overseas
Country: Pakistan
Closing date: 01 Sep 2019

Social Accountability Advisor

in Pakistan

Application Closing Date:18 Aug 2019

Start date: ASAP

Role overview:
The Social Accountability Advisor will build up and retain capacity for social accountability programming within the organization.

* Bachelors or Master’s degree in Governance or a related discipline of social science, with proven affinity of social awareness.

* Experience with reviewing current development programmes on governance and social accountability and identifying areas for improvement.
* Knowledge and practice of social accountability tools and processes such as community scorecards, participatory budgeting and social audits etc.
* knowledge and or practice of political economy analysis to support accountability programme design would be a strong asset.
* Experience in facilitating citizen-state engagement and dialogue
* Understanding of participatory approaches to working with community development
* Strong understanding of rights-based approach to development
* Recognition of the role of power and politics(vested interests) in constraining locally-led change
* Understanding of evidence-based influencing and advocacy
* Strong listening and observation skills
* Good facilitation skills using participatory processes and techniques
* A commitment to community-led processes of social change
* Willingness to learn and unlearn
* Self – aware and reflective
* Ability to step back and allow others to lead

* Experience of working abroad
* Experience of working in Pakistan or South Asian context
* Contextual awareness of SA issues in the area

Equal Opportunities
VSO promotes equal opportunities and values a diverse workforce.

How to apply:

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